For this tutorial you will need the free filter Simple/ Quick Tiles  NAB IT HERE
Save your filter to your plugins folder in PSP.  If you have not created that folder yet do so before downloading the filter.  Simply look in the PSP files folder and see if a folder exist named plugins or Plugins.  If it isn't there, create it.
If you have a problem using filters in PSP read the help files near the bottom of the page where the filters are listed at the site link above.
Ever wanted a quick and easy way to make a background that matches your tube or transparent gif or object?  This is just to easy.
Open PSP Click File/New and set it to size 350x350 or smaller if you desire
Fill it with White color.
Click Layers/New Raster Layer
Put your tube, transparent background or object onto this new layer.
Click Layers and click Layer 1 to activate it.
Click the Paint Brush ... Set the size to about 3 via the Tools Palette. 
Click the Top bar in Styles area and choose to color. 
Click the Color to open it and choose a color in your image. 
Then simply scribble lines of that color. 
Choose another color that is in your image and continue to scribble with colors chosen from your image.
I like a little bit of dark showing and top it off with white and a light shade from the image.  Here you see I chose the light pink along with my white to be the top scribble colors.
Click Effects/Blur/Gaussian Blur and slide it up to about 8 to 20 depending what you like.
Click Layers/Click Layer 2 to activate it.
Click Selections/Select All
Click Selections/Float
Click Effects/3D/Drop Shadow
Choose a dark shade, I most always use black. 
Horizontal and Verticle size set to 1 
Opacity about 85
Blur 1.2
Click OK
Click Layers/Merge Visible
Click Effects/Plugin Filters/Simple/Quick Tile
Click OK
Dare ya go... way easy huh
I use this filter very often!!! 
Notice above... Red images...  second one is already merged and quick tiled.  How did I get effect for the third one?
Before I merged the scribbles and the image I copied the image.  I did not drop shadow it.
Then Merged, Quick Tiled it then..... new Layer/Pasted and moved it into place, then drop shadow onto it.  I think tile 3 looks better than 2 for it still gives me a distinctiveness of the flowers.
And a little trick I like to do to make my background light as in the one filled on this page... the background. 
New Raster Layer/Send to bottom/Fill White
Select the top (merged Layer) hover over Layer Palette and use the Opague slider to the left to lighten the top layer so the bottom filled white layer shows thru some.
Don't see your layer palette?  Click View/Toolbars check mark Layer Palette.
This tutorial is Copyright By: CherokeeCandy